Metropolis Cycles - Staff Bios

A couple weeks back, I was asked to shoot portraits of the staff of Metropolis Cycles in Detroit. The shop is awesome. Located in super-hip Corktown, Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, and run by a very good group of dedicated bicycle dudes. If you ask me, in 2016 the role of a bike shop MUST be something further than providing products. People know where to get things. The best bike shops provide service, knowledge, and exposure to the greater cycling culture. You can’t get your vintage Schwinn saddle reupholstered on the internet, and you can’t learn proper bike etiquette by staying at home. This is why I was excited to show these guys in their element, and have some fun making some pictures.

Brad is the man behind the wrenches. 


Joe answers the phone at all times of the day.

This is Ted, Ted likes things with two wheels. 

Metropolis put some of these images up on their website here along with detailed bios of all the employees…

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