Detroit Flyhouse Circus School

Back in August I got the opportunity to photograph the Detroit Flyhouse Circus School for Hour Detroit Magazine. It’s a super cool atmosphere, located in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Getting to see places like this and meet the energetic people that are following their own passions and sharing them with others is absolutely my favorite part about shooting editorial assignments. That excitement translates in to a very real desire to make cool pictures that we all can be proud of, subject, the magazine and ME

My skill as a photographer comes from a depth of knowledge that allows me to transform a shooting location through the use of light and composition, to make it look like a whole new place. The environment actually looked like this

But when we had a break between classes, I was able to set up a few lights and make some images that are a little bit more dramatic, and thought out, all in that same space, just a few minutes later.

Some of those look like this:

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