Dispensaries: Detroit

Medial marijuana dispensaries or caregiver centers have popped up like crazy all over the city of Detroit. This photographic series looks at a sampling of these locations. The presentation allows the comparison of different locations and the overall culture of these brick and mortal locations. Visual and cultural trends become easy spot. Some take a very serious medical approach, with a focus on compassion and healing. Others seem to have a more recreational bent. Nearly all, in an organic, collective, unofficial agreement, adopt copious amounts of a very particular shade of green. While also embracing kitsch, puns and slang to a high degree. 

The images focus on the dispensaries themselves, but often include signage or additional context and environment. These cues are super important because these businesses alternatively seek to integrate themselves into the overall urban fabric either as commonplace, or more brash standout endeavors. 

New regulations and municipal ordinances will severely change the way this landscape is presented in Detroit, Michigan and indeed the country. It’s a new industry with huge amounts of uncertainty, Lots of money involved and a controversial and contested place in our evolving society. 

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