"Martin, we're going to buy you a camera to take on this summer trip to Sweden" my parents said when I was 16. "nah, that's alright, I'd rather go, see, feel and experience on my own without having to worry about taking pictures of everything. It's just going to be something to carry around and get in the way of real life" 

Even now, half a lifetime away from that moment, and 12 years into a career as a professional photographer, I stick by my own teenage sentiment. Photography and photographs serve an incredibly diverse set of needs, not least of which is memory and historical documentation, but I prefer to create photographs that are more than a frozen cross section of a moment in time. I want my photographs to be visually stunning, I want my photographs, of other people, buildings, things, to all be self-portraits. Because I've put my life experiences, education, creativity, and physical work, into each one. 

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